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This implies that it would be better reducing the usage of alcohol and tobacco than increasing taxes on these commodities; in order to facilitate quality health services to users of alcohol and tobacco.

Even people who do not pay taxes find themselves paying for these goodies in the form of higher prices for the things they really want. Much of the moral debate about income inequality seems to rest on this zero-sum theory.

And such growing inequality, some critics contend, is both practically and morally dangerous. And, of course, this decrease in supply means that less of the article will be consumed.

In other words, no person has an inherent duty by birth to submit to another, nor does anyone enjoy an inherent right by birth to dominate another. Health problems are increased since the taxes make consumers consider using cheaper commodities, which they use excessively due to the price value.

In other words, the state generally creates the conditions for a just society, and the institutions of civil society help citizens live out that vision of justice. We have come a long way from the days when it was accepted that the sole purpose of government was to protect the rights that were enumerated in the Declaration of Indepen-dence.

Since supply is elastic, consumer will therefore bear most of the elasticity Mohr, ; note that irrespective of how you look at it, consumers of tobacco products will always bare the sin tax burden.

Overall, what stands out is how minimal changes have been over the past forty years.

First US sugar tax sees soft drink sales fall by almost 10%, study shows

Sin taxes have historically triggered rampant smuggling and black markets, especially when they create large price differences in neighboring jurisdictions.

This is not just or conducive to a healthy civic spirit; it is merely envy. In society, the government has interests of the people at heart; it wants to improve the healthcare services and facilities so as to provide quality services to the people.

Consider that, to grow the economy and create jobs — including better jobs for the poor — business owners and investors must feel relatively confident that they will reap the fruits of their endeavors. We should be focusing on improving the prosperity and well-being of all — with special attention to helping the poor escape their poverty.

Indirect Taxes

A tax on cigarettes takes a higher percentage of income from those on low-income. Give another supporting argument Present and counter at least one possible refutation Conclusion: It reduces the income of the buyer. President Obama commonly uses the language of justice and equality to advance such an agenda — speaking, for instance, of "the injustice in the growing divide between Main Street and Wall Street.

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First, money income alone does not tell the whole story. From the studies carried out above, definitely not, unless suppliers can find a way to economically grow and reduce the problem of scarcity, allowing them to share the burden equally, otherwise the consumers will always bare most of the sin tax if not all of it and on the question of the effectiveness of the sin tax, tobacco usage is only controlled to a certain extent as addictive users prove to be loyal to their addiction BIBLIOGRAPHY Mohr, P, Fourie, LEconomics, 3rd Edition, Van Schaik publishers, Pretoria.

Sumptuary taxes are ostensibly used for reducing transactions involving something that society considers undesirable, and is thus a kind ofsumptuary law.

The Effects of Sin Tax Law to the Bar Owners Essay

Some smokers or tobacco users are considered to be slightly inelastic; these include students, low income consumers and poor smokers or users.

In the United States, this has come to include not only food, clothing, and shelter, but also free public education, legal representation in courts of law, emergency medical care, and other forms of basic welfare.

Justice, Inequality, and the Poor

Those goods and services—not the pieces of paper that pay for them—are the real cost of government to the taxpayers. Good public policy would also reform government-run welfare programs along the lines of the welfare reforms, which reduced dependence on government services and contributed to a historic drop in child poverty.

All citizens of a country are morally and legally bound to pay their fair share of tax. In this article I will cover the importance of paying taxes to the government and why we should not do the mistake of hiding money or avoiding taxes. When these taxes are added up, a $30 eighth of pot (1/8 oz.) will have about $ in taxes tacked onto it, or about a 29 percent overall effective tax rate.

(By comparison, the equivalent Colorado tax on cigarettes is about 31 percent and on beer about 8 percent.). English key words for essays researching essay ap biology krebs cycle essays the effects of drugs and american culture is infatuated with violence essays essay year round education disadvantages essay on utopia british taxes vs Mass media history essay conclusion doctor essay justification luther martin sin intervention essay.

This two argumentative essays argue the pros “Paying with our Sins” and cons “Hate the Sin, Tax the Sinner” of sin taxes. In “Paying with our Sins” the author argues that “now is the time to legalize (and tax) drugs, prostitution and gambling” (Gillespie).

Health taxes on alcohol and cigarettes imposed by the Federal government of the United States have been very stable since This paper summarizes research that shows that increased taxation, which results in higher prices, would discourage alcohol abuse and cigarette smoking.

One striking. Sin Tax A more simplistic definition to define sin taxes would be a tax on goods that are not needed for everyday survival or goods that are deemed immoral to society.

Sin Tax Intro Essay Sample

Sin taxes also know as excise taxes date back to the Post Revolutionary Era.

Essays on sin taxes
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