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And a lot of Conservative senators had doubts about the bill. Although a definitive theory of bicameralism has yet to materialize, a consensus asserting that the upper chamber provides a review, and representation function distinct from the lower chamber has emerged Hicks, Achieving such a level of federal and provincial agreement has proven challenging Dion, Like many former British colonies, Canada adopted the Westminster model of responsible parliamentary government, which provides for an elected lower house, and an appointed upper house Hicks, Overall, it would legitimatize the power the Senate currently has.

The citizens of America elect each of their Senators, So that they feel like the most professional and acknowledged and beneficial candidate is appointing or vetoing laws that the citizens must abide by.

In conclusion I believe the Canadian Senate serves a wonderful purpose, its just not achieved it maximum potential. Originally, it was intended to allow the elite, wealthy Canadian representatives to veto legislation.

Senate, as well as the Polish Kancelaria Senatu, provides some insight into the way Canada may wish to reform her Senate. Furthermore, the provinces are unequally represented within the Maritime regional division with Nova Scotia possessing ten seats and Prince Edward Island possessing four.

However, the provinces are unequally represented with provinces such as Quebec and Ontario possessing twenty four senate seats, and provinces like British Colombia, and Newfoundland possessing six seats. Examples of completed orders.

The people should elect the senate, because as of today the Senate no longer makes decisions to benefit the people but rather for personal gain.

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And the Senate definitely needs to see some changes, as it does need to be reformed. Inthe senate amended a bill that gave the minister the unilateral power to pick and choose which movies would get tax credits, which would have jeopardized freedom of speech.

The Senate, in the upper house, reviews proposed legislation and ultimately decides whether a bill becomes a law. The citizens elect two Senators from each state, regardless of size, for a term of six years. Their pay should be reduced unless these people are working days of the year.

For Senators representing the province of Quebec, the Constitution Act calls for such property to be held in Quebec Government of Canada, Let's analyze the scandal as the newest example of Senate corruption and elitism. If we wish to have the best for our country then we should have people whose ages differ immensely to have multiple points of views from multiple age groups.

The main function of the U. The people deserve to elect a senate that they trust and who will make laws that benefit everyone as a whole.

By allowing the Senate this power, the issues are given more attention by both sides of the legislature.

The question of changing or getting rid of the Senate has had a fraught history. There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. Quebec, Ontario, the maritimes and the west were allotted twenty-four Senators each.

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Furthermore, the age requirement bars students and young adults from being appointed to the Senate, significantly restricting the representation of their interests.

Senate is that it is a large body consisting of many committees and sub-committees. If so, what type of reforms should be implemented. The Senatu also approves the decision of the President for national referendums on matters of interest to the State.

It requires Senate appointees to be at least thirty years of age, and to hold land in the province they represent valued at four-thousand dollars over and above rents, dues, debts, charges, mortgages, and encumbrances due or payable Government of Canada, They reasoned that such qualifications would allow them to appoint great men with unique experiences to the legislature Hicks, In latean analysis was started to check into irregularities in the coverage of travel expenses by three Senators: The Senate does help the public become more informed and helps with analyzing the deliberate and undeliberate results of proposed law.

So, why not just abolish the Senate. It needs to elected, as an un elected body should have no right in a modern day democratic institution. Those who wish for the Canadian Senate to be abolished, are mostly looking at how our tax money is being used to pay men and women who barely work days of the year.

All three have been suspended from the Senate, without pay. Abolishing the senate without changing the voting would basically give anyone with a majority government too much power.

Serious political issues have recently overshadowed economic concerns. The Canadian Senate Essays: OverThe Canadian Senate Essays, The Canadian Senate Term Papers, The Canadian Senate Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. The notion, or the concept of having the Senate in Canada is indeed a very powerful one, provided it functioned on the principles of the Triple-E Senate, whereby it would be Equal, Elected, and Effective.

Keep, reform or abolish: What to do about the Senate

Even more importantly, it has to have the support and the respect of the Canadian Public, whose interests it exists to serve. “Lessons from Australia in Canadian Senate Reform,” Canadian Parliamentary Review, accessed May 3, Howard Cody.

Post on Elimination from the Canadian Senate in 21st Century Democracy

“Lessons from Australia in Canadian Senate Reform,” Canadian Parliamentary Review, accessed May 3, If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK. The Canadian Senate is supposed to be a "sober second thought" on government legislation.

But, in many cases, as far as I know, senators are not meeting the expectations of the Canadian people, or fulfilling the requirements of the job. What Should Be Done With the Canadian Senate? Friday, 9 December The Canadian Senate has a large role in the Canadian Government. Regardless of the fact that many Canadian’s believe that the Senate should be abolished, I believe that the Senate plays a large role in Canadian order, they are the final stepping-stone for each.

In recent years factors, such as the Senate Reform Act (Bill C-7), the Reference re Senate Reform, and the expenses scandal involving senators like Mike Duffy, have brought the issue of Senate reform to the forefront of Canadian political discourse (Burton &Patten, ).

Canadian senate essay
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